Pictures are coming!

 Hello everyone!

I say everyone but I'm pretty sure no one is reading this. LOL I'm really doing this so I don't drive myself crazy and to keep track of what I'm doing. I figure if I "blog" about what I'm not doing I'm not really talking to myself...right? Well, that's my crazy logic anyway. So, moving on...

I just wanted to post a quick update. In my previous post I mentioned that I am a herbalist. As such, I am not a doctor or medical person to be able to say that any ingredients in the soaps I make will cure or help with "A, B or C". Nope, but what I can say is herbs and spices have always been noted and used worldwide for centuries to help our bodies stay healthy. Everything you will read on this blog will be for educational purposes only. They are things I have learned in the course of being a herbalist, personal research in books, other blogs and the internet and my personal opinion that everything we will ever need to be healthy can be found in nature. All the ingredients I use in the soap will be posted on the box. Feel free to look them up for yourself to see what each one does for the skin because what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body 

This week I have been doing some mixing and matching and come up with some really sweet smelling combos that I can't wait to put into the soaps. There are some awesome combinations that we eat and drink every day that are good for the inside of your body and the outside. Spices like thyme, rosemary and sage have been long noted for being good for the body and smell great too. I mixed some of these and more into a few soaps and loved the end product. I've cooked with thyme before, but didn't realize what a bright refreshing smell it had until I mixed it with lemon essential oil and other ingredients to create a soap I call Morning Thyme. I also did a few mixtures with green tea that came out wonderful! So far, green tea with lemon is my favorite. 

Since my photography skills are subpar at best taking decent pictures of the creations is taking longer than I thought. Hopefully I will be posting pictures in my next post. 

See ya next time!