New Year, new shop!


Hello everyone!

Happy New Year and welcome to my store!  

Like with a lot of people, 2020 revealed a new skill out of necessity. The place I usually got my all natural products from had to shut its doors because of the pandemic. I was unable to get the things I used to get locally anymore and paying extra fees and waiting for stuff to be delivered got old real quick. That's when I decided to see if I could make them myself. 

My laptop and I became better friends than ever! I took a course to be an herbalist and did tons of other research on plants, herbs, spices that would help keep oily skin under control, would help soothe sensitive skin, bring new life and glow to maturing skin and help keep dry skin moisturized.

I tried making all kinds of combinations wanting to put my new knowledge to the test. Some I liked a lot, some not so much, but through it all I loved the process and the creative part.

I can't even tell you how many soaps I made! Let's just say a lot! I was running out of places to store them. I started giving them away to friends, coworkers and even random people that came to my job. After a while, people were asking me where I got them from because they loved it. The small statement of, "I made it", started something that I now look back on as the start of Dana's Soap Shop ☺️

I absolutely love making soaps and I love using them. (my favorite is Rose Milk for my face and Volcanic Scrub for my body 😏) I hope that you enjoy my products too.

On this blog I will tell you about the monthly them soaps, upcoming soaps, you may see a pill or two and lots of pictures. 

Dana's Soap Shop also has an Instagram account, @soapladydana 

Feel free to leave me your comments, questions or even requests for a special blend idea. If it works out well, you may even get the soap named after you 😉